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  1. Who was the king at the beginning of this century?
  2. What´s the difference between absolutism and liberalism? Which one would you choose?
  3. What happened with the French Monarchy at the end of the XVIII century that changed things  all around Europe during the XIX?
  4. Why did Charles IV abdicate?
  5. Explain how Napoleon cheated our kings?
  6. What happened in Madrid the 2nd of May 1808?
  7. Who was our king then?
  8. What was the “guerrilla”?
  9. Why is so important the 1812 Constitution?
  10. How long did the Independence War take?
  11. Who was the king of Spain after the Independence War?
  12. What was the 1st decision he took?
  13. When was the 1812 Constitution recovered?
  14. Explain the dynastic /Royal Family problem when Ferdinand VII died.
  15. What was the result?
  16. The Statute of 1834 abolished the 1812 Constitution again. Explain the most important changes it brought to Spain.
  17. Who were the regents that ruled the country while the Queen was a child?
  18. Constitutions of 1845 and 1856. Did they change anything?
  19. Revolution of 1868. Why?
  20. What happened with the Royal family after this revolution?
  21. 1869. Who ruled Spain? Was there a Constitution?
  22. Who was the king?
  23. Was he accepted?
  24. First Spanish Republic.
  25. After the end of the Republic there was a short period of ……………………. of……………………………………
  26. The restoration of monarchy. Who was the new king of Spain?
  27. How many different types of government did Spain have during the XIX century? Which ones?
  28. How many different Royal Houses/ Dynastic families did Spain have during the XIX century?